Rights and obligations of priests in residence

in the catholic diocese of orlu – Nigeria.


In keeping with the Conciliar and Canonical norms requiring Diocesan Bishop to be solicitude for the welfare of his Priests (cf. Presbyterorum Ordinis n. 20, Synod of Bishops “On Ministerial Priesthood,” no. 1) and in relation to the synodal call for justice in the Church in terms of welfare of Priests and other Church workers (Synod of Bishops 1971, “Justice in the World, no 3) and with a view to a witness of life-and pastoral charity involving evangelical poverty (cf. P.O 17) the Diocese of Orlu hereby enacts and promulgates these norms to regulate as well as ensure the protection of basic rights and obligations priests in residence in the Diocese.


In addition to all the statutory rights and obligations of clerics as enshrined in the 1983 Code of Canon Law (Cann. 273 – 289), the Priests in residence in the Catholic Diocese of Orlu shall also be subjects of the following rights and obligations.


1.       All Priests in residence are bound by the Canonical Law of real residence in the particular parish rectory or similar facilities allocated to them.


2.       In line with the canonical law of residence, protracted absence from the place of residence requires the attention of the Local Ordinary.


3.       Priests in residence are entitled to decent board and lodge in line with Can. 281par. 1 and according to the economic means of the Church.


4.       Priests in residence have a right of participation and co-responsibility in the pastoral care and life of the parish of residence. However, without prejudice to the pastoral authority and prerogatives of the Parish Priest.


5.       Priests in residence except Chaplains of hospitals and boarding Schools are obliged to celebrate Masses on Sundays in the parish of their residence and on ferial days as much as their particular ministry will permit them.


6.       In addition to their right to decent board and Lodge, they are entitled to a monthly clerical remuneration of ……………………………………..


7.       Priests –in– residence who exercise requisite pastoral ministries in their Parish of residence are entitled to a re-imbursement for major repairs on their vehicles by the parish of residence. If the repair is beyond the ordinary means of such a parish, then there is to be a recourse to the diocesan curia office incharge of finance.


8.       They are entitled to a stipend of the Mass(es) celebrated on Sundays and weekdays. However, these stipends may rightly be computed in their monthly pay package.


9.       Priests in residence are ipso iure barred from intruding or perverting in the administration of the parish and may not introduce any novelty in the parish without the consent of the Parish Priest.


10.     Priests in residence may not bring in their domestic aids into the rectory without the consent of the Parish Priest.


11.     Priests in residence are exhorted to foster common life in the rectory by participating in such common activities like evening prayers and dinners. This common life has been known to improve communication and helps in joint pastoral plan for the Parish.


12.     All priests in residence are obliged to respect the authority of the Parish Priest irrespective of age and other social considerations.


13.     Priests in residence are canonically entitled to such social security and welfare services as may be organized by the Diocese.


14.     The places of primary apostolate are however, to furnish priests in residence with the fund to meet up with their clerical and pastoral financial obligations like priests’ welfare scheme, annual insurance scheme, health matters and other allied payments.

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